Sunday, June 10, 2007

Getting to Hyde Park (the Dorms & the Ramada)

Probably the best way to get to Hyde Park from either airport is the Omega Shuttle. Omega shuttle fares are $17 from Midway, and $30 from O'Hare (a cab from O'Hare will be >$50, Midway >$20). There is a discount for two or more passengers to the same stop, but you should ask for it.

Here is the O'Hare schedule and boarding locations; this is the Midway schedule.

Omega Shuttle drops off in front of the Quadrangle Club, which is one block from the Max Palevsky dorm (walk west 1/2 block, then turn right immediately before the library (huge structure of concrete, can't miss it), and walk alongside the library. You'll pass a large purple entrance to the dorm, but please go to 56th Street to go in the main entrance, bright yellow with a big ramp (again ... missing it not easy). Check-in will be there.

The Omega shuttle will also stop at the Ramada.

NOTE: if you are returning to Midway from Hyde Park, you should call Omega (773-734-6688) 24 hours in advance to reserve your return trip.

You *can* take public transport from either airport to Hyde Park (it's easier from Midway). Use this trip planner to do so. Note: it will take a loooong time (several hours) to get to Hyde Park from O'Hare via CTA.

The address of Max Palevsky (if you're taking a cab) is 1101 East 56th Street Chicago, IL 60637.

The address of the Ramada Lake Shore is 4900 S Lakeshore Drive Chicago, IL, 60615.



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